Best Self-Tanner 2014 in a new 8oz size!

Ok – clearly I am biased, but I am super excited to announce that Beautisol’s popular self-tanning mousse is now available in a larger 8oz size! In case you have never used it before let me give you the rundown:

IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK ORANGE:  Now that’s the biggest bonus!  This self-tanner contains innovative “Color Correcting Pigments” that cancel yellow or orange hues much like how a makeup concealer works.  These smart little pigments make sure that you have the most natural looking tan every time!

YOU DON’T SMELL FUNKY:  Let’s face it… self-tanners stink so what’s your favorite self-tanning company doing to get rid of that smell?  Well Beautisol is one of the only companies to use an odor eliminating fragrance technology called PURE SCENT that actually surrounds the yucky odors that are produced when the tan is developing on your skin and neutralizes them.  This is NOT a fragrance cover up – it’s an actual technology invented by a chemist in England who hated the way his wife smelled when she used self-tanner.  Thank goodness for proactive, smart chemists!!

APPLICATION IS EASY AND IT DRIES FAST:  Make sure you use an application mitt.  This helps you apply the product really fast and it will protect your palms from turning brown!  Also Beautisol’s self-tanning mousse dries really fast so you can be out the door and looking glowing and gorgeous in no time.  

BEST SELF-TANNER FOR MEN:  Gentleman, yes you can use this self-tanner!  Because of it’s lightweight formula and the fact that is dries in a snap,  it won’t stick to the hairs on your body like a lotion or gel would, so no one will know why you look so hot!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.14.15 AM

Have you used Beautisol’s self-tanners or bronzers before?  What’s your favorite self-tanner and why?


  • ChristyTMiller

    I agree that the scent of this self-tanner is really pleasant and not overpowering! You can check out for more info on tanning lotions and tips :)